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Villajoyosa awaits you

Villajoyosa, which means ‘joyful city’ in Valenciano, is the capital of the Marina Baja region and is commonly known as La Vila.

This beautiful and colourful fishing village has become a popular destination for travellers looking for a relaxing destination away from the crowds.

Its culture, food and leisure offering makes this ancient capital a magical place where you’ll never cease to be amazed.


This beautiful and picturesque seaside village sits in a secluded location cut off by the mountains of the neighbouring regions.

The area’s historical wealth offers visitors a cultural and monumental heritage dating back to the Bronze Age. 

Friendly residents, traditional cuisine, popular festivals and over nine miles of coastline await in Villajoyosa to give you a unique holiday. 


It’s reckoned that Villajoyosa was the region’s historical capital from the 6th century BC to the 6th century AD and it became so again from 1300 AD, the year it was founded as a Christian city. 

Sites of cultural interest (SCIs) such as the old town, the Renaissance walls and the Fortaleza de la Asunción Church are scattered around La Vila to give you a glimpse of its historical heritage. 

But La Vila’s tourist attractions don’t end there. In addition to taking a tour of the historical buildings and monuments, there are tons of leisure activities you can enjoy at any time of year. 


It’s always a pleasure to discover new places through the local cuisine. In Villajoyosa, food becomes the main event during the Mostra de Cuina Marinera, Xocolatíssima, Concurso de Pebrereta, Con G de Tapas and the Setmana de l'arròs food festivals. These events are a must if you happen to be in the area when they’re taking place.

Fresh fish and shellfish are staples of Villajoyosa’s cuisine, usually as a base for soupy rice dishes. Make sure you try the rice with llampuga (a local blue fish), anchovies, mackerel and other types of local fish.

Salted meats and fish are other essentials to try when you visit. However, Villajoyosa is probably most famous for its chocolate and traditional pastries, a delicious way to end your culinary journey.


Villajoyosa has more than ten beaches with still and crystalline waters spanning across its nine miles of coastline.

Bol nou, Carritxal, Centre, La caleta, L'esparrelló and Paradís are some of the municipality’s best options to enjoy some swimming and sunbathing. Urban, semi-urban and virgin beaches; some sandy, some pebbled and some with all kinds of services and facilities.

Explore Villajoyosa’s stunning beaches — there’s one for every kind of traveller.


La Vila also offers tons of leisure and entertainment options. Water and outdoor sports, museums, food fairs and traditional festivals are some of the activities you can enjoy in Villajoyosa.

A must-see event? The Moors and Christians festivities, declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest and held in honour of Santa Marta, Patron Saint of the city, since 1694. A unique event you won’t want to miss if you’re visiting the area at the same time. 

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