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    Advantages of being a Magic Agency


    The professionalism and knowledge of an expert agent is irreplaceable when it comes to planning and advising any client who is looking forward to travelling.

    Agents are indispensable in the present and also in the future.

    If you are a travel agent, wholesaler or retailer, specialised in marketing holiday accommodation, we invite you to join the MAGIC AGENCIES.

    It's free and it only takes a few minutes.

    As a MAGIC AGENCY you will have access to the online booking system with instant availability and quotes. You will also enjoy exclusive advantages.

    Check here the general conditions of collaboration.

    Do you have any doubts? We can help you.

    If you are a MAGIC AGENCY, please LOGIN HERE to make your bookings.



    Make the most of your shop window! Participate and win great prizes.

    We want to reward your effort and dedication, that's why we offer you the chance to take part in the Magic Showcase draw and win great prizes.. We offer you all kinds of promotional materials to help you in the sale.

    How can I participate?

    It's very simple!

    1. Go to the DOWNLOAD MATERIALS section where you will find posters with offers and promotional information.
    2. Print them out and display them in your shop window.
    3. Take a photo of your shop window where you can see the posters and upload it using this form.

    You can also participate in the MAGIC SHOWCASE by uploading a photo of the advertising totems that you can order here.

    Double your chances if you are the Magic Agency that has sold the most stays during the Magic Showcase period.

    Cecotec food processor (valued at €699) or El Corte Inglés gift card worth 700€
    Participation dates
    1 March to 31 October 2024

    Participate in the MAGIC SHOWCASE and become the next winner.


    1. Agency Information
    2. Contact information
    3. Upload your image
    Select the image to upload

    Past winners. You too can win prizes!

    1st prize
    Robot aspirador Roomba serie 800
    Promoction October and November 2018
    Pedro Luis Maria Puente, from VIAJES NONNA GRUPO AIRMET (Logroño, La Rioja)
    1st prize
    Samsung S9
    Summer 2018
    María del Carmen Luque Ortega, from VIAJES LEMUR (Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid)
    1st prize
    Nespresso coffee maker
    Promotion August, September, October and November 2017
    Jordi Riera, from IDEAL TOURS (Benidorm, Alicante)
    1st prize
    iPhone 7
    May and June 2017 Promotion
    Jesús Berna, from VIAJES KURUKA (Albatera, Alicante)
    1st prize
    Apple Watch
    Promotion May 2016
    Cristina Belzunces Pérez, from BARCELO VIAJES (Agilas, Murcia)
    Request for printed material
    We provide you with printed material so that you can have it at your point of sale. A picture is worth a thousand words. Choose the material that best suits your agency's facilities and we will send it to you.

    Request for printed material

    1. Agency Information
    2. Contact information
    3. Ordering information
    Choose which support you want to receive
    Máx 1
    Máx 5
    Download materiels
    You have at your disposal promotional posters to participate in the Magic Showcase. As well as other materials that will help you to know and successfully market Magic accommodation.
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        Printable posters

          Contact with us

          Do you need help? A Magic Agent will be happy to help you. Select your preferred method of contact.


          Information on becoming a Magic Agency

          How to register as a Magic Agency.

          It's very simple and takes just a few minutes. Just click on this form or on the BE A MAGIC AGENCY buttons. Fill in the commercial and fiscal details of your agency. You will receive an email with the username and password to log in to the official Magic Costa Blanca websites and make any booking.

          How can I recover my credentials?

          From any of the official websites of Magic Costa Blanca Hotels & Resorts, at the top of the page you have the access for agents. When you click on it you will see the option to log in with a username and password, and at the bottom you will see the option to Forgot your password. Here, simply enter your email address and you will receive an email to reset your password.

          Advantages of being a Magic Agency

          Being part of the Magic Agencies and making reservations for your clients with your agent user, you have great advantages: Immediate availability: you can instantly check the availability and prices of all our accommodation. Extra commission: with exclusive promotions for Magic Agencies. Prizes for participating in the Magic Showcase: win great prizes by participating in the Magic Showcase draw. Free hotel nights: become the Magic Agency with the most sales to get free nights in Magic accommodations. Exclusive promotional materials: specially designed content for Magic Agencies to place at their point of sale. Instant commissions: collect commissions on your bookings instantly.

          He olvidado mi contraseña, ¿cómo la recupero?

          Si ya te has registrado como Magic Agencia, pero no recuerdas tu contraseña para acceder y realizar tus reservas, puedes restaurarla haciendo click en este enlace

          Booking information

          What is the secure rate and how to contract it?

          With your reservation at Magic Costa Blanca, you can take advantage of our SAFE RATE for any type of room and any type of accommodation. This way, you can cancel free of charge in case of any unforeseen event. You can cancel your stay up to 4 days before the check-in date with an extra charge of up to 10%* of the total amount of your booking, depending on the period of stay: - Stays from November to March: Extra charge of 10%. - Stays from April to October: Extra charge of 5%. These additional charges are non-refundable** in both cases. You can add your secure rate in the packages and extras tab. If you have any problems or doubts when booking the secure rate, please write to

          Can a booking be modified?

          Reservations can be modified subject to availability at a cost of 20€ (non-refundable) per room and must always be requested in writing to (No modifications will be accepted less than 15 days before the arrival date, with the exception of changes in distribution, regime or typology that exceed the value of the original reservation).

          How do I cancel a client's reservation?

          To cancel a booking you must complete the following form, selecting the Cancel booking option and filling in the booking details. Please note that the corresponding cancellation fees will be applied, which you can consult on the confirmation voucher.

          What discounts or promotions can I apply to customer bookings?

          As a Magic Agency, you can apply the offers visible on the official website to your customers. Excluding Magic Amigos loyalty club discounts and promotions accessible with a Magic Ambassador promotional code.

          Magic Showcase Information

          What is the Magic Showcase and how can I take part?

          The Magic Showcase is a prize draw in which any agent can enter to win the prize. During the Magic Showcase period you will be able to download posters or order materials to place in your agency. Take photos of the display and upload them via the entry form. The winner of the draw will be announced on the indicated date of each edition of the Magic Showcase.


          List of contacts by department.

          Get to know us. We offer you a direct contact to better manage your enquiry.
          Filter by department
          Select department
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          Collections Department
          Sending invoices for agency bookings.

          Reservations Department
          Enquiries about reservations, requests, modifications or cancellations.
          Marketing Department
          Enquiries about the magic showcase, requests for materials or agency signage.
          Groups Department
          Request quotes for group bookings.
          Loyalty Department
          Customer complaints during their stay.

          Post stay Department
          Agency claims for cancellations, illness, confinement or other reasons.

          Integration Department
          Doubts about the loading of prices, availabilities, quotas, closings and openings of sales.

          Artistic and Animation Department
          Enquiries about shows and activities.
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