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Newspapers and Television Appearances
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ABC Comunidad Valenciana

"The Magic hotels are ranked first in Tripadvisor in all their locations"


"From the terrace of Villa del Mar Hotel, Benidorm Island seems to rub elbows with fingers"


Report made by the team of 'España Directo' of TVE at Magic Aqua ™ Monika Holidays. Solidarity in time of crisis with the neediest families


"Leave in awe of the atmosphere Medieval Magic Excalibur"


"No Spanish people without vacation in 2009!"

Agencia EFE

"Imagination comes to hotels"

Europa Press

"The best program for children"


"In these hotels mirrors speak, rabbits become magicians and children, imitating Harry Potter can be transformed into true masters of magic"


"In the Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique stay is enjoyed as if it were suspended a cruise on the cliff"

Antena 3

"A hotel group gives free holiday for needy families. A great example that other companies should follow"


"Hotels thematic like children, and also to parents. Children are in their sauce"


"Imagination and magic blend in hotels Magic Costa Blanca"


"Establishments theme to ensure fun for children, and also the reassurance of parents"

"If the children had decided the family vacation certainly they would choose a place to have fun and play all the time. Magic Costa Blanca is a good choice"


"Mirrors speak, rabbits become magicians and children imitate Harry Potter"